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Buffs of the same type don't stack, e.g. activating two shrines and getting the Industrious buff twice won't make buildings work 4 times faster, but different buffs can stack their effects

The skill

increases the duration of all buffs by 50%

Obelisk Buffs[edit | edit source]

Obelisks can be found around the different lands and provide a temporary 5 minutes buff when activated. Only one obelisk may be active at a time.

Picture Buff Name Effect
Foraging Obelisk Gain bonus XP when gathering herbs and crops
Woodcutting Obelisk Gain bonus XP when chopping trees
Mining Obelisk Gain bonus XP when mining
Combat Obelisk Gain bonus XP when killing creatures
Crafting Obelisk Gain bonus XP when crafting items

Potion Buffs[edit | edit source]

Granted by Potions

Icon Buff Name Effect Potion
Increases spawn rate of critters and animals
Enraged Attacks deal double damage. Killing things causes explosions
Dragonheart 50% to dodge attacks. Shoots fireballs randomly
Greedy Coins are worth 25% more and spawns coins when attacking things
Lucky Resources drop double items and increased chance of finding rare items
Shoots poisonous bolts with your attacks, poisoning enemies and harvesting resources
Shoots lightning around you, damaging enemies and harvesting resources
Wise Gain double XP and fully heal Health and Energy when you level up

Shrine Buffs[edit | edit source]

Shrines are structures that can be built with the

skill. Upon activation, two random shrine buffs are presented, and the player is free to pick one. Buffs last 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Icon Name Effect
Shrine 01.png Hoarder Resources drop extra items and items are collected automatically.
Shrine 02.png Industrious All your structures work faster. Gain XP when crafting items.
Shrine 03.png Scholar Instantly gain random magic scrolls. You gain extra XP for the duration.
Shrine 04.png Dexterous You move and attack faster.
Shrine 05.png Excavator Fills the current land with Dig Spots.
Shrine 06.png Builder Constructing structures cost less materials.
Shrine 07.png Colonist Buying lands costs half the amount of coins
Shrine 08.png Merchant All items sold at the Marketplace are worth double coins

Dark Shrine Buffs[edit | edit source]

At Dark Shrines one can choose to sacrifice one heart of health for a buff or immediate effect. A Dark Shrine can be found in the Fire Biome

Icon Name Effect Duration
Shrine 09.png Gluttony Spawns lots of food items.
Shrine 10.png Avarice Spawns lots of gold and gems.
Shrine 11.png Wrath Increases max damage by 1. Permanent
Shrine 12.png Madness Instantly level up three times. Permanent
Shrine 13.png Terminator Droids and grenades. Permanent
Shrine 14.png Doom Spawns 15 Demon Scrolls and 15 Demon Horns
Shrine 15.png Hermetics Spawns lots of potions and scrolls.
Shrine 16.png Challenge Spawns lots of monsters to fight.