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Big Chest[edit | edit source]

Big Chests are opened with a

Key small.png Key

and can contain a

or a random Artifact.

# Biome How to reveal
1 Grass Biome Located in the Small Island
2 Grass Biome Rainbow Pond - Complete the 'Rainbow Pond' Puzzle
3 Grass Biome Land of the Four Pillars - Complete the 'Four Pillars' Puzzle
4 Desert Biome Land of the Flowers - Complete the 'Where flowers don't live' Puzzle
5 Desert Biome Land with Battery - Complete the 'Battery' Puzzle
6 Desert Biome Land with Eye Statue - Complete the 'Eye Statue' Puzzle
7 Desert Biome Land with Moon Sword Obelisk - Complete the 'Moon Sword Obelisk' Puzzle
8 Graveyard Biome Land with 3 Bells - Complete the 'Dark Bells' Puzzle
9 Graveyard Biome Land with Skull Braziers - Complete the 'Skull Braziers' Puzzle
10 Graveyard Biome Land with Colored Pedestals - Complete the 'Colored Pedestals' Puzzle
11 Graveyard Biome Mr. Hopfrog's Island - Complete the 'Jester's Quiz' Quest
12 Winter Biome Land of the Stone Princess - Complete the 'Stone Princess' Puzzle
13 Winter Biome Land with Frozen Chest - Complete the 'Frozen Chest' Puzzle
14 Winter Biome Land of the Fox Person - Complete the 'Fox Person' Quest
15 Fire Biome Land with 12 Switches - Complete the 'Coded Switches' Puzzle
16 Fire Biome Land with Dark Pillars - Complete the 'Lights Out' Puzzle

Skull Chest[edit | edit source]

Skull Chests contain a

Small Chest[edit | edit source]

Small Chests contain a random amount of coins and usually one or two gems

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