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Animals[edit | edit source]

All animals produce

randomly over time.

Picture Name Location Drops Resources ("Use" Key)
Chicken Grass Biome (After buying 2(?) Lands)
Egg.png Egg
Cow Grass Biome (After buying 2(?) Lands) (with ) (with )
Sheep Winter Biome
Magic Stag Winter Biome (After buying X(?) Lands)

Critters[edit | edit source]

Critters can be caught with a


Picture Name Biome Info Bottled
Beetle Grass Biome, Desert Biome Can wander around into other biomes
Butterfly Winter Biome
Deathmoth Fire Biome
Torchbug All Lands (during night) Produces light during the night, despawns in the morning
Fairy Grass Biome (After unlocking ) Restores all Energy and Health and gives 10 exp

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