Desert Biome

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The Desert Biome is comprised of 10 lands to the east of the starting land. Desert Biome lands can be identified by their orange floors.

Lands[edit | edit source]

Cost: Desert Biome lands cost from 560 to 4,920 coins (700 to 6,150 in Hard Mode)

Picture Land Special Features
Ss Ancient Tomb.png Ancient Tomb Ancient Tomb Dungeon
Ss Mining Obelisk.png Mining Obelisk Mining Obelisk
Ss Charger.png Charger Charger Puzzle
Ss Constellation Tower.png Constellation Tower Constellation Tower
Ss Enemy Island.png Watcher 4 Watcher
Ss Eye Statue.png Eye Statue Eye Statue Puzzle
Ss Flowers Island.png Flower Island Flower Island Puzzle
Ss Moon Sword.png Moon Sword Obelisk Moon Sword Obelisk Puzzle
Ss Old Man.png Old Man Old Man's Quest
Ss Princess Land.png Desert Princess Quest Desert Princess Quest

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