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Droids can be unlocked via the skill

, and further upgraded with

. There's no current cap on the number of droids one can have at once.

Production[edit | edit source]

Droids can be crafted at a Factory, for



 (2), with the cost increasing for each additional droid.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

When following the player, droids perform actions at a rate of about once every 3 seconds.

Tasks a droid will perform:[edit | edit source]

  • Attack resources
  • Attack enemies
  • Harvest fishing traps
  • Harvest animals
  • Pick up items

Tasks a droid won't perform:[edit | edit source]

  • Kill animals
  • Dig
  • Harvest fairies
  • Bottle critters

Boosting Production[edit | edit source]

Right clicking a structure will attach the Droid to it, boosting production by 50%. If the structure is under the effect of a Power Plant the droid will also boost it's production.

Name and Appearance[edit | edit source]

When a droid is produced, it will receive a randomized name and sprite, which cannot be changed. In the Extras, a gallery of all Sprites and Names can be unlocked if there are more than 75 completed feats.