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Icon Name Description Reward
Tycoon Own 10 lands and 5,000 coins
Mine a giant crystal
Royal Gather or
Gemologist Have one of each gem in your inventory
Complete the Ancient Tomb
Pathfinder Complete the Skull Maze
Ice Breaker Complete the Crystal Cave
Demon Hunter Complete the Fire Temple
Solve the Ancicent Galaxy puzzle
Skull Astronomer Solve the Skull Galaxy puzzle
Solve the Frozen Galaxy puzzle
Fire Astronomer Solve the Fire Galaxy puzzle
Unscarred Complete a dungeon without taking damage
Perform a challenging blood ritual
Jester Fail miserably at a trivia minigame
Sharpshooter Kill an enemy with a single arrow shot
Swordmaster Kill 3 enemies or more with a single sword slash
Win the jackpot at a Slot Machine
Greedy Kill a Magic Deer
You Monster Kill all Giant Beets
Win the Ice Wizard challenge
Robotic Activate a
Have 3 Bombs active at once
Eat a gem
Addicted Play the game for 3 hours
Mason Build 20 structures
Expansionist Own 5 Lands
Destroyer Kill 100 enemies
Jealous Have 100 in your inventory
Disgusting Have 100 in your inventory
Angler Catch 50 fish
Hoarder Have 1,000 items in your inventory
Big Hoarder Have 5,000 items in your inventory
Plant 100 seeds
Wealthy Have 100,000 coins
Smelter Craft 500 Furnace items
Mint Craft 2,000 coins
Digger Dig up 50 items
Artisan Craft 10,000 items
Build 200 structures
Champion Open a skull chest
Secret Finder Find 3 secret rooms
Find every secret room
Marksman Shoot 100 arrows
Acrobat Dodge 10 attacks
Pillager Destroy 100 Gravestones
Bottle 100 Critters
Talk to every NPC
Complete every NPC quest
Druid Helper Help the Druid
Princess Helper Help the Princess
Wizard Helper Help the Wizard
Help the Goblin
Help the Fairy Queen
Help the Engineer
Ghost Helper Help the Ghost
Help the Old Man
Fox Helper Help the Fox
Complete the museum Foraging Bundle
Complete the museum Mining Bundle
Complete the museum Building Bundle
Complete the museum Farming Bundle
Complete the museum Cooking Bundle
Complete the museum Alchemy Bundle
Complete the museum Trapping Bundle
Complete the museum Archaeology bundle
Complete every museum bundle
Learn every skill
Buy every land
Open every treasure chest
Collect every Tool and Weapon
Accessory Collector Collect every Accessory
Collect every Seal
Collect every Artifact
Achieve every other feat