Fire Biome

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The Fire Biome is comprised of 10 lands to the south of the starting land. Fire Biome lands can be identified by their red floors.

Lands[edit | edit source]

Cost: Fire Biome lands cost from 4,560 to 57,960 coins (5,700 to 72,450 in Hard Mode)

Picture Land Special Features
Ss Fire Temple.png Fire Temple Fire Temple Dungeon
Ss Fire Galaxy.png Fire Galaxy Fire Galaxy
Ss Combat Obelisk.png Combat Obelisk Combat Obelisk
Ss Wizard's Tower (Exterior).png Wizard's Tower Wizard's Quests, inside the tower there's an Inscription Table, Cauldron and Book Shelves
Ss Shrine.png Shrine Shrine
Ss Numbers Puzzle.png Numbers Puzzle Numbers Puzzle
Ss Lights Out Puzzle.png Lights Out Puzzle Lights Out Puzzle
Ss Engineer's Factory.png Engineer's Factory Engineer Quest, Factory
Ss Dark Shrine.png Dark Shrine Dark Shrine
Ss 4 Small Chests on Fire.png Land with Fire Chests Fire Chests Puzzle

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