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Game Modes were introduced in Version 2.0.0. All but Classic game modes have to be unlocked by having 13 feats completed.

Icon Game Mode Description Introduced in
Gamemode normal x2.png Classic Default mode Release
Gamemode single x2.png Single Island Challenge Buying new lands is impossible and obtaining all possible tools is the win condition
  • The starting island is bigger
  • Animals and monsters can spawn
  • Can't build bridges
Gamemode speed x2.png Speedrun Normal mode but with a timer, which stops when you get most feats
  • Addicted and Completionist feats are not needed
Gamemode hard x2.png Hard Mode Tougher nights and enemies 3.0.0

Planned Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Icon Game Mode Description Planned release version
? Modded Allows loading of user-made mods 4.0.0
? Multiplayer Play with your friends! 5.0.0