Grass Biome

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The Grass Biome is comprised of 8 lands in a 3x3 grid around the starting land. Grass Biome lands can be identified by their green floors.

Lands[edit | edit source]

Cost: Grass Biome lands cost from 30 to 350 coins (38 to 438 coins in Hard Mode)

Picture Land Special Features
Ss Starting Island.png Starting Island None
Ss Fairy Fountain (Day).png Fairy Mother Fountain Fairy Mother Quest
Ss Foraging Obelisk.png Foraging Obelisk Foraging Obelisk
Ss Rainbow Pond.png Rainbow Pond Rainbow Pond Puzzle
Ss Four Pillars Island.png Four Pillars Four Pillars Puzzle
Ss The Old Man's Treehouse.png The Druid's Tree House Druid's Tree House Quest Line
Ss Small Island.png Small Island A simple island with a Big Chest on it.
Ss Land of the Giant Beets.png Giant Beets Kill all the Giant Beets to earn a Feat
Ss Museum Island.png Museum At the Museum the player can complete the item bundles.

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