Graveyard Biome

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The Graveyard Biome is comprised of 10 lands to the west of the starting land. Graveyard Biome lands can be identified by their dark floors.

Lands[edit | edit source]

Cost: Graveyard Biome lands cost from X to Y coins

Picture Land Special Features
Ss Skull Maze.png Skull Maze Skull Maze Dungeon
Ss Skull Tower.png Skull Tower Skull Tower
Ss Woodcutter Obelisk.png Woodcutter Obelisk Woodcutter Obelisk
Ss Spike Traps.png Spike Trap Island Big Chest guarded by Proximity Spike Traps
Ss Skeleton Battle.png Skeleton Island Fight Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors to earn skull chests
Ss Pile Of Bones.png Island with piles of bones Mineable piles of bones
Ss Mr. Hopfrog.png Mr. Hopfrog's Island Jester's Quest
Ss Colored Pedestals.png Colored Pedestals Colored Pedestals Puzzle
Ss 4 Skull Braziers.png Island with Skull Braziers Skull Braziers Puzzle
Ss 3 Bells Land.png 3 Bells 3 Bells Puzzle

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