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Big Chest[edit | edit source]

Big Chests are opened with a

Key small.png Key

and can contain a

or a random Artifact.

# Biome How to reveal
1 Grass Biome Located in the Small Island
2 Grass Biome Rainbow Pond - Complete the 'Rainbow Pond' Puzzle
3 Grass Biome Land of the Four Pillars - Complete the 'Four Pillars' Puzzle
4 Grass Biome Complete Trapping Bundle in the Museum
5 Grass Biome Complete Cooking Bundle in the Museum
6 Grass Biome Complete Alchemy Bundle in the Museum
7 Grass Biome Complete Archaeology Bundle in the Museum
8 Grass Biome Complete Foraging Bundle in the Museum
9 Grass Biome Complete Farming Bundle in the Museum
10 Grass Biome Complete Mining Bundle in the Museum
11 Grass Biome Complete Building Bundle in the Museum
12 Grass Biome Complete all bundles in the Museum
13 Grass Biome Complete Druid's Quest 3
14 Grass Biome Complete Fairy Queen Quest
15 Desert Biome Land of the Flowers - Complete the 'Where flowers don't live' Puzzle
16 Desert Biome Land with Eye Statue - Complete the 'Eye Statue' Puzzle
17 Desert Biome Land with Moon Sword Obelisk - Complete the 'Moon Sword Obelisk' Puzzle
18 Desert Biome Constellation Tower - Complete the Ancient Galaxy Puzzle
19 Desert Biome Complete the Ancient Tomb
20 Desert Biome Found inside of Ancient Tomb
21 Desert Biome Found in the Watcher's island
22 Desert Biome Complete Princess 2 Quest
23 Desert Biome Complete Old Man's Quest
24 Graveyard Biome Land with 3 Bells - Complete the 'Dark Bells' Puzzle
25 Graveyard Biome Land with Skull Braziers - Complete the 'Skull Braziers' Puzzle
26 Graveyard Biome Land with Colored Pedestals - Complete the 'Colored Pedestals' Puzzle
27 Graveyard Biome Mr. Hopfrog's Island - Complete the 'Jester's Quiz' Quest
28 Graveyard Biome Skull Tower - Complete the Skull Galaxy Puzzle
29 Graveyard Biome Found inside of Skull Maze
30 Graveyard Biome Complete the Skull Maze
31 Graveyard Biome Complete Goblin Quest
32 Winter Biome Land of the Stone Princess - Complete the 'Stone Princess' Puzzle
33 Winter Biome Land with Frozen Chest - Complete the 'Frozen Chest' Puzzle
34 Winter Biome Land of the Ghost - Complete the 'Ghost 2' Quest
35 Winter Biome Frozen Galaxy Tower - Complete the Frozen Galaxy Puzzle
36 Winter Biome Complete the Crystal Cave dungeon
37 Winter Biome Can be found inside of Crystal Cave dungeon
38 Winter Biome Complete Foxmage's Urgent Request
39 Winter Biome Complete Wizrob Battle
40 Fire Biome Land with 12 Switches - Complete the 'Coded Switches' Puzzle
41 Fire Biome Land with Dark Pillars - Complete the 'Lights Out' Puzzle
42 Fire Biome Fire Galaxy - Complete the Fire Galaxy Puzzle
43 Fire Biome Complete Wizard's Staff 3 Quest
44 Fire Biome Complete Engineer's Factory Quest
45 Fire Biome Complete Fire Temple dungeon
46 Fire Biome Can be found inside of Fire Temple dungeon

Skull Chest[edit | edit source]

are rewarded to the player for completing small challenges, like surpassing a tricky obstacle or defeating a wave of enemies. Opening a skull chest will grant a


Small Chest[edit | edit source]

are filled with some Gems and a bunch of Coins. They are rewarded to the player for solving rather simple Puzzles, making progress in a quest line or finding secret rooms!

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