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To do (Beta)[edit source]

For now, while the game is in closed beta, we'll only create one base page as reference for each type of page needed. For now we have:

  • Food - for each item category (Materials, Tools, Potions, etc). We don't need a single page for each item, since the information on them can easily be displayed in a table for easy reference
  • Industry - for each skill set (Industry, Economy, Foraging and Magic)
  • Puzzles - a page that contains all puzzles. We should have collapsible tables with hints and with the solution, to avoid spoilers
  • Grass Biome - a page for each zone (Grass, Desert, Winter, Dark, Fire). It will contain info about each Land that belongs to that zone, plus all features that can spawn in it (like Trees or Graves). The Lands page contains condensed information about all Zones, similarly to how Items contains all Food, Materials, etc

Here's what you can do now:[edit source]

  • In the item pages such as Materials and Food edit in recipes and other missing info. Take a look at existing examples as reference
  • The Lands page could use some help to make sure nothing is missing
  • Museum page has test numbers, you can check the numbers in game and add them in
  • Create redirects. Items and skill links all redirect to their main category page. For example redirects to Food. Check Items to know where each item should redirect to. To create a redirect on a new page (in source mode, not visual) write #REDIRECT [[Page name#Item name]]
  • Add missing items to the Items page and their categories. Item listing is done over at the page Template:ItemList
  • Add missing Quests and Puzzles info
  • Update the Buffs page
  • Update the Enemies and Animals pages
  • Add missing effects of Rods
  • Add missing information to Farming_(items)

You can check the page Category:Navigation_templates and Category:Formatting_templates to know more about our templates

Don't do:[edit source]

  • Don't upload images, we're getting them straight from the developer
  • Only add value, healing and energy to items if you checked those with 0% increase to those values in-game from skills or buffs
  • Don't add pages for specific items, monsters, skills, etc. They are all displayed in category pages

You can talk about the wiki in the #wiki channel of the official discord

7Soul (talk)