Void Biome

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The Void Biome is a procedural generated environment accessible through a

. Your primary goal is to get as far as possible. It is separated by levels that increase in difficulty, where you must kill all enemies in under 4 minutes to proceed. Failing to kill all enemies or dying will end the void run and destroy the used

. Tougher enemies spawn the deeper you explore.

Enemies and Feats[edit | edit source]

More enemies will spawn the further you explore. Certain bosses may spawn additional enemies, which must also be defeated in order to progress. An arrow will point towards the nearest enemy.

Level New enemies spawned Feat
1 Skeleton

Skeleton Archer
Undead Boar

3 Watcher

Thunder Spirit

5 Void Scout
6 Thunder Elemental
9 Ice Wizard

Greater Ice Wizard

10 Void Explorer
12 Great Demon

Flaming Skulls may be spawned by Great Demon

15 Slime King

Slimes may be spawned by Slime King

18 Skeleton King

Skeleton Warriors may be spawned by Skeleton King

20 Void Champion
21 Dark Beet
30 Void Master

Gear[edit | edit source]

Void gear references to gear made of void materials. Obtaining your first void gear will give you the feat Other Worldly.