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Resources can be obtained by exploring the world and harvesting natural resources such as mining and felling.

Plants[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Location Can be farmed Drops
Tree.png Tree Grass Biome, Graveyard Biome, Desert Biome, Winter Biome Yes
Beet Crop.gif Beet Grass Biome Yes
Flower.png Flower Grass Biome No
Berry Bush.png Berry Bush Grass Biome No
Cotton Crop.gif Cotton Grass Biome Yes
Cactus.png Cactus Desert Biome No
Hot Pepper Crop.gif Hot Pepper Desert Biome Yes
Pumpkin Crop.gif Pumpkin Graveyard Biome Yes
Cinderbloom.png Cinderbloom Fire Biome No
Lavender.png Lavender Winter Biome No
Nightshade.png Nightshade Graveyard Biome No
Wheat Crop.gif Wheat Grass Biome Yes

Minerals[edit | edit source]

A random gem may drop when mining any kind of rock. The base chance of mining a gem is 1% for normal rocks, 2% for desert rocks, 4% for snow crystals and 5% for volcanic rocks. This chance can be increased with the


Picture Name Location Health Exp Drops
Rock Grass Biome and Desert Biome
Coal Deposit Grass Biome and Desert Biome
Iron Deposit Grass Biome and Desert Biome
Gold Deposit Grass Biome and Desert Biome
Volcanic Coal Deposit Fire Biome
Volcanic Iron Deposit Fire Biome
Volcanic Gold Deposit Fire Biome
Crystal Winter Biome

Others[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Location Drops Spawns
Grave.png Gravestone Graveyard Biome Chance to spawn Skeleton
Pile of bones.png Bone Pile Graveyard Biome while mining it Skeleton Warrior

Dig Spots[edit | edit source]

Dig Spots appear randomly on any owned land. The Excavator shrine buff can be used to quickly spawn more dig spots.

Digging is only possible with a Shovel, which can be unlocked by the


Location Drops
All Lands Gems
Grass Biome
Desert Biome
Graveyard Biome
Winter Biome
Fire Biome

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